→ a guide for the turtlecoin community

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turtlecoin.lol → Official TurtleCoin Website
explorer.turtlecoin.lol → Official TurtleCoin Blockchain Explorer
blog.turtlecoin.lol → TurtleCoin Dev Blog
github.turtlecoin.lol → Development
chat.turtlecoin.lol → Discord Chat
encrypted.turtlecoin.lol → Encrypted Chat & Public Keys

Public Daemon Info

turtlecoin-nodes-json → Add your public node here, sites below use this list as well as wallets and others
explorer.turtlecoin.lol → Live public TurtleCoin nodes tracker on the official block Explorer
trtl.nodes.pub → Public TurtleCoin nodes listing with availability tracking and node fee support
trtl.rocks → Live public TurtleCoin nodes tracker/reporter

Block Explorers

explorer.turtlecoin.lol → Official TurtleCoin Blockchain Explorer
blocks.turtle.link → Tom’s Block Explorer and APIs
explorer.trtlpwr.cc → Pypper’s block explorer
trtl-explorer.xhub.cloud → polar-it’s Block Explorer and public daemon service
trtl.rocks → Andrew’s Block Explorer
turtle-block.com → Cision’s Block Explorer
Turtle.Land → Close0ne Explorer - Useful Links - Wallets etc…


chat.turtlecoin.lol → Discord
facebook.turtlecoin.lol → Facebook Group
github.turtlecoin.lol → GitHub
instagram.turtlecoin.lol → Instagram
medium.com → Medium Blog
reddit.turtlecoin.lol → Reddit
twitter.turtlecoin.lol → Twitter


docs.turtlecoin.lol → MkDocs frontend for TurtleCoin Wiki
docs.turtlecoin.lol → Tip Jar Guide
funkypenguin.co.nz → Docker Swarm Pool Setup
trtl.services/docs/ → TRTL.services API Documentaion
wiki.turtlecoin.lol → TurtleCoin Wiki

Decentralized Exchanges

bisq.network → Bisq Network
openbazaar.org → OpenBazaar Market

Centralized Exchanges

tradeogre.com → TradeOgre Exchange
tradesatoshi.com → Tradesatoshi Exchange
bitlaxy.com → Bitlaxy Exchange
tokok.com → Tokok Exchange
tradelly.co → Tradelly Exchange - by fipsi


cryptonote.social/trtl → Predictable-Solo TRTL pool (USA West)
CuvéeARM Pool → CuvéeARM TurtleCoin Pool (Europe, Prague, CZ)
eu.turtlepool.space → EUR TurtlePool
hk.turtlepool.space → HK TurtlePool
ny.minetrtl.us → MineTRTL.us (USA NYC)
pool.turtleco.in → USA West TurtleCo.In
trtl.cryptohispano.net → Cryptohispano TRTL Pool (Only in Spanish)
trtl.heigh-ho.funkypenguin.co.nz → Funky Penguin’s TRTL Stew Pool (New Zealand)
trtl.mine2gether.com → Mine2gether
trtl.proxpool.com → Proxpool TRTL Mining Pool
trtlcoinpool.tk → RU TurtlePool
turtle.atpool.party → Sweden ATPool.party
Turtle.Casa → Close0ne Pool - Pool for Turtle.Land explorer
turtle.minersunite.net → Minersunite Pool (Germany)
turtlepool.ml → EUR TurtlePool
turtleminers.club → Turtle Miners Club TRTL Pool (USA)
us.turtlepool.space → USA TurtlePool
trtl.cryptopool.space → Turtle CryptoPool.Space (World Wide)
turtle.hashvault.pro → Turtle Hashvault.pro (Seems EU)
coinpoolit.webhop.me → Coinpoolit Italian Pool
turtle.mining.garden → MiningGarden


arch linux user package → wreiner’s package of core for arch linux
trtlbot++ → Tip Bot
TRTL Services → Turtlecoin as a Service
Turtacus Website → Turtacus Info & Stats
Turtacus Leaderboard → Turtacus Leaderboard
Turtle Arcade → Collection of games made by the TRTL community
TurtleBot → TurtleBot - Network Stats Monitor
Turtle C# GUI
TurtleCoin Snail Races → Discord for TurtleCoin snail racing
TurtleCoin Supply → Check current and future TurtleCoin’s supply.
TurtleCoin Video Interviews → Playlist of TurtleCoin related videos and interviews.
TurtleCities → Free hosting for TurtleCoin users and contributors. 1.44MB of floppy disk space, no database
TurtleDice → Bet and try your luck in this TurtleCoin dice game
Turtle Electron GUI
Turtle Faucet → Captcha Some Turtles
Turtle Miner → Web Miner for TurtleCoin
Turtle Nest GUI
Turtle Python GUI
TurtleWallet → Turtlecoin Web Wallet
Turtle WinForms GUI
TwitchTurtle → Streamlabs TurtleCoin integration
trtl.bet → Simple jackpot site for TurtleCoin built with TurtlePay™
TRTL CLI → CLI tool to check TurtleCoin network status and community activity.
TRTL CLI py → CLI tool to check TurtleCoin network status and community activity, written in Python.
TRTL Farm → First farming game that can be played with TurtleCoins built with TRTL Services
shellnet.pw → A web wallet for TurtleCoin payments
Shellmap → A graphical interface of world wide earth bound nodes.
Who sent 10 Turtle? → A fun game that lets you test TurtleCoin payments with TurtlePay™.
TurtleWallet.lol → TRTL Web Wallet with advanced graphs, conversion and export keys functionality.
Swanson Clicker → Turtle styled clicker game
MegaTurtle → Compare M-TRTL to Bitcoin and info about the coin economics of TurtleCoin
TRTL Button → Simple button generator to get paid in TurtleCoin
dns.turtlecoin.lol → .trtl TLD Domain Name Services
proxy.turtlecoin.lol → TRTL Proxy for .trtl domains
ns1.turtlecoin.lol/ipfs → TRTL IPFS Checkpoints & IPFS gateway

Payment Integrations

TurtlePay™ → TurtlePay™: TurtleCoin payments for developers, by developers
TwitchTurtle → Streamlabs TurtleCoin integration
WooTurtle → WooCommerce TurtleCoin integration


trtl-store → TurtleCoin merchandise - all prices in TRTL all payments in TRTL


trtlfaucet.com → Submit some hashes, earn some TRTL
faucet.trtl.me → krruzic’s TurtleCoin Faucet
faucethunter.online → Hunter Faucet: Referral links and “Hunter Codes” are features of this faucet
rainsometurtles.xyz → RainsomeTurtles Faucet
turtlecoin-faucet.xhub.cloud → polar-it’s TurtleCoin Faucet based on krruzic’s code
trtlfaucet.de.cool → Fipsi’s TurtleCoin Faucet for crypto-newbies
trtl.faucet.llama.horse → Llama & Horse free turtles! Come and get ‘em!

Asset Trackers

CoinCodex → CoinCodex
CoinGecko → CoinGecko
CoinLib → CoinLib
CoinMarketCap → CoinMarketCap
Coinranking → Coinranking
CryptoChartIndex → CryptoChartIndex
CryptoCompare → CryptoCompare
Cryptolization → Cryptolization
CryptoPricer → CryptoPricer
LiveCoinWatch → LiveCoinWatch
WorldCoinIndex → WorldCoinIndex
CoinLore → Coinlore


trtljx3ovmd7kjlc.onion → Tor hidden service of this site

Public Nodes

Name Height Synced Difficulty Network
In/Out Conn. Version