→ a guide for the turtlecoin community

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turtlecoin.lol → Official TurtleCoin® Website
github.turtlecoin.lol → Official TurtleCoin® Development
meta.turtlecoin.lol → Official TurtleCoin® Suggestion and Collaboration Board

Official Social

blog.turtlecoin.com → Official TurtleCoin® Blog
chat.turtlecoin.com → Official TurtleCoin® Discord
facebook.turtlecoin.lol → Official TurtleCoin® Facebook Community
github.turtlecoin.lol → Official TurtleCoin® GitHub
instagram.turtlecoin.lol → Official TurtleCoin® Instagram
reddit.turtlecoin.lol → Official TurtleCoin® Reddit
twitter.turtlecoin.lol → Official TurtleCoin® Twitter

Block Explorers

explorer.turtlecoin.lol → Official TurtleCoin® Blockchain Explorer

Daemon Info

turtlecoin-nodes-json → Add your public node here, sites below use this list as well as wallets and others
explorer.turtlecoin.lol → Live public TurtleCoin® nodes tracker on the official block Explorer


coinex.com → CoinEx - TRTL/BTC, TRTL/USDT
hotbit.io → Hotbit - TRTL/BTC, TRTL/ETH, TRTL/USDT
trade.kucoin.com → KuCoin - TRTL/BTC, TRTL/ETH
tradeogre.com → TradeOgre - TRTL/BTC, TRTL/LTC
tokok.com → Tokok - TRTL/ETH, TRTL/USDT
x.vite.net → - Vitex TRTL/ETH


How do I open an old wallet?


docs.turtlecoin.lol → Documentation for all things TurtleCoin®
Daemon API Documentation → TurtleCoin® Node Daemon API Documentation
Wallet API Documentation → wallet-api Documentation


TurtleGarb → TurtleCoin® Merchandise by iburnmycd

Mining Help

Mining hardware hashrates → TurtleCoin® Hashrate by Hardware Spreadsheet
Mining FAQ → Mining FAQ

Mining Pools

turtlecoinpool.allcoinspool.com → AllCoinsPool (EU, Iran, US)
c3pool.com → C3Pool (Asia, EU, US)
fastpool.xyz → Fastpool (EU)
turtle.hashvault.pro → HashVault (Asia, EU, US)
turtlecoin.herominers.com → Herominers (Asia, EU, US)
liberty-pool.com → Liberty-Pool (EU)
trtl.mine2gether.com → Mine2gether (US)
moneroocean.stream → MoneroOcean (Asia, EU, US)
trtl.pool-pay.com → Pool-Pay (EU)
pond.turtleturtle.club → TurtleTurtle.Club (US)

Payment Integrations

TurtlePay™ → TurtlePay™: TurtleCoin® payments for developers, by developers


archlinuxuserpackage → wreiner’s package of core for arch linux
checkpoints.turtlecoin.lol → TurtleCoin® IPFS Checkpoints
dns.turtlecoin.lol → .trtl TLD Domain Name Services
RainTurtle → Forked and updated from MoonMoonDogo’s Rain Bot
ShellMap → A graphical interface of world wide earth bound nodes
TurtleShop → A simple web shop that accepts TurtleCoin®

Tortoise Archives

MegaTurtle → Compare M-TRTL to Bitcoin and info about the coin economics of TurtleCoin®
ShellNet → A web wallet for TurtleCoin® payments
TRTLBOT++ → TrtlBot++
TRTLCLI → CLI tool to check TurtleCoin® network status and community activity
TRTLCLIpy → CLI tool to check TurtleCoin® network status and community activity, written in Python
trtlfaucet.de.cool → Fipsi’s TurtleCoin Faucet for crypto-newbies
TurtleBot → TurtleBot - Network Stats Monitor
TurtleC#GUI → TurtleCoin® C# wallet
TurtleElectronGUI → TurtleCoin® GUI wallet
TurtleNestGUI → TurtleCoin® Go wallet
TurtlePythonGUI → TurtleCoin® Python wallet
TurtleSnailRaces → Discord for TurtleCoin® snail racing
TurtleWinFormsGUI → TurtleCoin® desktop GUI wallet
WooTurtle → WooCommerce TurtleCoin® integration


CoinCodex → CoinCodex
CoinGecko → CoinGecko
CoinLib → CoinLib
CoinLore → CoinLore
CoinMarketCap → CoinMarketCap
CoinRanking → CoinRanking
CryptoCompare → CryptoCompare
LiveCoinWatch → LiveCoinWatch
WorldCoinIndex → WorldCoinIndex


trtljx3ovmd7kjlc.onion → Tor hidden service of this site

Public Nodes

Name Height Synced Difficulty Network
In/Out Conn. Version